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Our products and philosophy



The mission of Olivery is to source, bottle, and distribute top-grade, pure olive oils. We pursue all our business activities and practices in a fair and environmentally-conscious way. 


We pay special attention to procuring 100 percent pure, pesticide-free, artisan olive oils from responsible farmers  with decades of experience. We make sure we provide accurate and relevant information, and additional lesser known facts or data (often pushed aside by  major players in the olive oil industry). We are working on publishing articles on the scientific aspects of olive oil and on its everyday application in the home, as well as on posting gastronomic pieces and interesting recipes.We aim to expertly store and bottle and then securely package our products, and see the entire delivery process through to make it run as quickand smoothas possible. 

Olive production first started on the eastern shores of the Mediterranean, whereas today places of production range from Australia to Central America, from Syria to Japan. Distinct regions produce distinct oils. The differences in color. texture, and quality however are not exclusively due to the geographical origins of the different oils.  Ways of Growing, harvesting, and processing all greatly determine the quality of the finished product, which means the differences in the quality of it are mainly influenced by practices employed in large-scale commercial production (i.e. mixing, using additives, or reprocessing). The more organic the cultivation is, the more cafeful and attentive the harvesting is, the more skillful and patient the oil-making process is, the less tampering happens before bottling, the more natural and the higher-grade olive oil can be produced. 


The product type we are first launching here, Olivery No. 6 and Olivery No. 7 Dalmaticus olive oil, comes from a little known place of production, the family-owned olive orchards on the islands off the coast of Dalmatia, Croatia. Their characteristic, clear flavour  derives from the peculiar microclimateclimate of the islands and also from every single olive being hand-picked so that they get into the cold water rinse completey undamaged before they are pressed using unique, traditional, local methods.

The diagram is based on the laboratory research results of the Foodchain Security Nonprofit Ltd.
More and more people pay an increrasingly special attention to healthy eating, and to the quality of the foodstuffs they consume. Hand in hand together with this tendency organic-and bio- food products are becoming more readily available the world over. Olivery fits into this trend by providing our customers certified high-quality olive oils that go through a careful and ethical process from production to delivery and that can be reached and purchased in a quick and easy way online. 
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