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Olivery no.6 Dalmaticus Puro Olive Oil 500 ml
Characteristics of Dalmaticus oils: hand-picked: harvested with a fully manual procedure limited amount: with yields appropriate to the natural conditions of the year in question undamaged: as a result of hand-picking and careful selection, undamaged olives ensure no oxidation water-soaked: the olives are softened over a three-week long soaking process before reselecting the olives and preparing them for pressing cold-pressed: traditional, slow, disk-based pressing at temperatures no higher than 27 °C strained: the freshly pressed oil is immediately filled into cans after a multi-stage straining process high quality: as determined by laboratory sampling organic: grown solely with natural technology and without the addition of artificial substances hand-bottled: the oil is poured directly from the cans into glass bottles, retaining the separate types of oil, without blending free from additives: no additives are used during the growth, harvesting, processing and bottling processes   skillfully stored: stored in a dry, cool place, shielding from sunlight, air and water carefully packaged: the thick glass bottles are packaged in impact-resistant cardboard cylinders with a lining recyclable: we use recyclable materials during the bottling and packaging process sustainable: our entire activity is characterized by an environmentally conscious approach 

Olivery no.6 Dalmaticus Puro Olive Oil 500 ml

  • Brief description

    Cold-pressed olive oil from hand-picked, water-soaked, carefully selected olives originating from the Dalmatian Islands. Made of early-ripened olives picked in the first stage of the harvest. Accordingly, its flavor mirrors the classic traits of olives: fresh, refined, silky-smooth, mildly sour and spicy.

  • Product data

    Net volume: 500 ml Net weight: 462 g Gross weight: 1059 g Package weight: 1185 g
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    In store. The product can be purchased via email with three types of payment/delivery service

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